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Kateřina Hájková and Marek Weiser

At the notion of gifting, most people will realize that they must have participated in this legal action many times in their lives, so there is little to surprise us about it. After all, at Christmas, we are regularly in the position of both the giver and the recipient, and several times a year there are birthdays or other...

The Ministry of Justice published new guidance material for determining the amount of alimony for children who are not brought up by their parents together. It is a more sophisticated replacement for the simpler table from year 2010. Although it is only a recommendation, in practice it is relied on by Courts as well as parents in out-of-court...

Would you like to sell part of a plot of land? Or exchange part of your garden for a part of your neighbour's garden? Or divide a piece of land between your children? These situations are often dealt with in practice. So what is the procedure?

Crimes against human life are the most serious crimes. What are the differences between murder and manslaughter in Czech law?

Home Office is no longer a benefit for a tiny percentage of employees, but is becoming the norm on the job market in industries where working from home is possible. There is less talk anymore about employers compensating employees for the increased costs associated with home office work.

Under what rules can fiancés modify their surnames? What changes can be made during the marriage and how can surnames be changed after the divorce?

Dependent work must be carried out at the employer's expense and responsibility. However, in what cases may an employee be liable to compensate the employer for damage caused to them? And to what extent?

Kiwi.com s.r.o. has been providing its services on the airline ticket market for many years. It claims to offer cheap travel options for all, making the world accessible to all. Everyone can judge for themselves whether this is true. In this article, we will advise you on what to do if a problem arises and customer support cannot help you....

A common bone of contention between neighbours is the planting of trees or shrubs close to a fence that runs along a common property border. However, mere dislike of whatever a neighbour is doing in their garden may not be enough to bring about a remedy. When and how can the trees be removed? And are there other options?

In practice, during the enforcement of a decision (execution), it happens that a bailiff seizes property that does not belong to the debtor, but to a third party not involved in the enforcement proceedings. This third person has a right to the property that excludes enforcement (in particular the right of ownership, but also the right of...



"Behave yourself or else I will disinherit you!" Someone may have told you in joke. But what does it mean, to disinherit somene? Who can disinherit whom? And what for?